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The Gadsden Team of students, teachers, staff, administrators, parents, and community members will promote high expectations through a diverse and structured curriculum to prepare our students for post-secondary college and/or career readiness choices.
The Gadsden Team will provide a nurturing environment that promotes student engagement in education, development of self-respect, which prepares and inspires students to become productive citizens.

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    Gadsden High School
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    Gadsden High School
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In The Spotlight

Your GHS Bands just completed another successful round of performances last week. On Wednesday, your GHS Marching band and Pantastic Panthers performed at the North Valley Veteran’s Day program with nothing but outstanding compliments. This is the first time the Pantastics have performed there and I must say that the steel drum band had Mr. Maxey dancing in the cafeteria. That same morning, Johnny Herrera (trumpet player) performed taps at the Loma Linda Veteran’s Program again with outstanding compliments.

 As you know, your Pantastics performed for our Veteran’s in the lobby of the gym last Friday again with outstanding compliments while later in the program your GHS Marching band performed for the student body and veterans before the program started. An added performance towards the end was the performance of Taps (in echo format) by Johnny Herrera and Daniel Hilario Saenz which brought tears to some of the veterans. Again, nothing but outstanding by these students.

 Your GHS Marching Band performed the next day (Saturday) in the Veteran’s Day Parade held in Las Cruces, Mr. Phillipson, a member of the Special Forces Chapter 80 requested our band to lead them in the Veteran’s Day Parade in Las Cruces. He also requested that the band perform “Ballad of the Green Beret” for them in the parade. After the parade, Mr. Phillipson and his wife came up to me and told me that when we performed the piece during the parade, great emotion was seen from many of the veterans who marched and lined the parade route. Mr. & Mrs. Phillipson asked me to tell the band that they were extremely grateful for what they did for our veterans and wanted us to do it again next year. I informed them that it would be an  honor to perform for them again. I am very proud of our students and their performances this past week. FYI, there were only two other bands in the parade which is rare, NMSU Pride Band and Onate H.S. band.

 On another note, your GHS Marching Band will be performing in the Thanksgiving Day Parade in El Paso and along with the GMS 8th grade band will be performing at the Christmas Parade being held in Anthony on the 7th of December. Your GHS concert band will be performing soon once a date has been found along with the GMS 8th grade band as well on one Christmas piece.  

Panthers In Action