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GISD New Student Registration


Gadsden HS Administrative Team

  • 2023-2024 Welcome Letter

    GISD Administration      




    -Office Phone #: (575) 882- 6310

    -Administrative Duties: Collaborates with the Athletics, Librarians, Administrative Team, Custodians, Security. In addition collaborates with various departments across the Gadsden High School campus.

  • GISD Administration

    -Alpha Student Last Names: Garcilazo-Ortega


    -Office Phone #: (575) 882-6320

    -Administrative Duties: I work with the Social Studies, Fine Arts, and Modern Language Departments. In addition to the departments, I work closely with the Bilingual programs on the Gadsden High School campus. 

  • -Alpha Student Last Names: A- Garcia


    -Office Phone #: (575) 882- 6309

    -Administrative Duties: Collaborates with the Career, Technical Education, Special Education, Science, and Physical Education Departments.

  • GISD Administration

    -Alpha Student Last Names: Ortiz- Z


    -Office Phone #: (575) 882-6300

    -Administrative Duties: I collaborate with the Mathematics, English Language Arts, and Special Education Depatments. An area of focus as well is the Student Assistance Team (SAT) as a way to build on student learning.


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